The MIMA Light Tiny House Looks Like It Is Floating Above the Ground .

When it comes to tiny house design, there is an emphasis on “lightness”—on excluding unnecessary features, and focusing our attention only on features which have intentional, specific value. But the MIMA Light tiny house takes the concept of “lightness” further. This amazing structure was made to look like it is floating off the ground!


MIMA Housing based the design off of minimalist sculptures by Robert Morris, John McCracken and Donald Judd.

Of course, the house is not really floating. This mesmerizing effect is achieved through the clever use of mirrors around the base, which reflect the surroundings and create the illusion.

Inside, the home is surprisingly spacious, particularly in the kitchen.

Two different sizes are offered. The MIMA Light measures 9 meters long, while the MIMA Light Plus is 12 meters in length.

This home can be purchased anywhere in the European Union.

The glass façade of the home is not just aesthetic; it is also functional. It allows for enhanced ventilation.

The home has electricity provided by a power source in the center core wall. Water heating is an optional feature. You can also choose to install an electric boiler, which can be powered by solar panels. You can also opt for thicker glazing in warm locations to provide better UV protection. Air conditioning and radiant floor heating are additional features to consider.

Be sure to check out MIMA Housing’s website here  where you can learn more about the MIMA Light. If you’re in the European Union, consider ordering a “floating” home of your own.



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