Affordable and Compact Dinky Dub Camper Offers a Modular Twist to the Vintage VW Look .

Camping is one of the many activities to do in the summer that people enjoy. This affordable and compact Dinky Dub Camper offers a modular twist to the vintage VW look that everyone knows and loves.


When the weather is warm, most people are thinking about where they want to set up camp and enjoy some time relaxing in nature. Thinking of fun family ideas that everyone will enjoy, to create memories that will last a lifetime. Many people love those old classic Volkswagen busses and campers and the nostalgia is still alive today. There are folks who take the old VWs and refurbish them to bring them up to date and make them look brand new again. For people who love the process of fixing one of these beauties up, getting one of the older camper vans can be great. But for those who just don't have the time or the interest in a project like that, a company called Dub Box has come in to make our lives easier by making a similar version of the classic camper van, but in trailer form.

Don't they look so much like the original camper busses? People might even think that it came from VW. The sleek mod design, with the wood grain on the interior and the patent leather upholstery, may have you feeling like you've traveled back in time to the 60s or 70s. The first VW van was designed in 1947 by Volkswagen and was shown in the Geneva Motor Show in 1949. Because the design was so simple, there were many different types of VW van that were created within the first decade of them being produced.

The company made fire trucks, ice cream trucks, ambulances, buses, bread vans, and of course, the camper van. The last version of the beloved Westfalia camper van was produced in 1979. It has always had many iconic nick names like micro bus or mini bus and of course, hippie van. Having a van means having home on the road and opportunity to fit all your friends to go on a road trip. For others it meant adding to their list of fun family ideas and it was used to make our lives easier because it could fit so much stuff in it. If you're interested in one of these cute Dub Boxes, they sell the larger version on their website for around $18,600 US. The Dinky Dub you see here and on the New Atlas website are still in production and should be ready to order in 2017.

The Dinky Dub will cost around $12,800 US to purchase and like the original camper you can add in your own personal touches and choose the finishes. You can pick the colour of exterior paint, as well as the shade of wood paneling, and the fixtures that will be included like a stove, sink, or fridge. The Dinky Dub is easy to tow behind a suitable towing vehicle and would fit nicely in any RV lot with lots of room to spread out in the space. Think of all the activities you could do with this awesome little trailer. They also have trailers that they customize for businesses like a pop up shop or a food truck, also lounges or beer serving stations, and coffee shops. These are such a great idea and it's so awesome to see the classic, vintage design making a comeback. Surely a ton of people are interested in these cool little trailers so it shouldn't be too long before they are available to purchase and customize .



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