Armadillo Trailer: 13-Foot Stylish Camping Option with Awesome Interior

This tiny cabin on wheels is like nothing you've seen before. When it comes to tiny houses on wheels, the Armadillo trailer is a great option with different floor plans and packages to build the trailer you need. With prices starting at $19,500 for the Armadillo base package you get a modern quality design to use for vacation getaways with family and friends.


These quality tiny houses on wheels have a lightweight two-piece fiberglass shell with sunview six-inch radius windows on the side and an entry door and screen door. The interior floor has a one-inch high-density plywood subfloor with high-quality temperature resistant linoleum floor covering and a washable vinyl wall paneling that is easy to maintain. The seating has high-density foam cushions and fire rated automotive grade tapestry fabrics, and stick frame and panel lower and upper cabinets that offer lots of storage space. There is a smoke detector inside for safety. The Armadillo kitchen has a two burner camp stove, an ice box and a stainless steel sink with sink lid. All of the hinges and hardware are nickel finished. For the electrical and plumbing, there is 12-volt interior lighting, a rocker water pump, a 40-liter fresh water tank, 12 volts and 100 outlets.

The Armadillo 13 foot tiny cabin on wheels is a quality build that has a low center of gravity which gives greater stability, and suspension that is capable of off-road travel. These trailers have the strongest frame of any small trailer design. The laminated building materials for this high-quality small house on wheels uses are merged with form and shape to provide exceptional strength and durability in a trailer build. The tiny house design is the best use of space with a fit and finish that is second to none. The Armadillo tiny cabin on wheels is built with a marine approach to RV construction. The builders look at the trailer as if it were intended to float, keeping all water out. The Armadillo uses marine-grade building materials, metals, sealants and glues in the construction process. Dense insulation and breathable fabrics rare used so to reduce moisture and internal condensation.

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The two piece fiberglass design of the Armadillo trailer is a better overall design when compared with conventional flat panel trailers. Conventional trailers are heavy square boxes that push the wind, depreciate quickly, eventually leak and require ongoing maintenance. Whereas fiberglass shells are tough and durable, just like armor. Fiberglass shells do not rot or rust. They are known to last and retain their value. With the Armadillo trailer, there are no internal structural support or rivets that are required, and they have insulation that is suitable for Canadian winter camping and helps to reduce heat transfer on hot summer days. The Armadillo uses the interior space efficiently so give a larger overall feel with radius corner cabinetry that blends aesthetics with ergonomics. Inside you will find no sharp edges, which gives greater internal living space, with a better overall flow that allows for freedom storage capacity and an external in-frame sliding aluminum storage drawer system. Outside there is a self-locking hinged rear bumper/utility rack, and external belt rail LED lighting system and a proprietary anti-theft system. Can tow with smaller vehicles.

This is just one of the Armadillo floor plans you will find on the Armadillo Trailers site. Armadillo trailers also known as the Small Armoured One are quality trailers that are changing the way people look at RVs. The company located in British Columbia, Canada is a family quality run business with over 45 years experience in RV repair and manufacturing.


Early Christmas Shopping Deals


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