Sakura Tiny House. A Custom Built THOW That Will Impress .

Tiny homes as we know them have come a long way in the last several years, evolving from a more cutesy, handmade aesthetic into a growing diversity of styles, and constructed with a growing array of new building techniques.


These diminutive dwellings are also being made for colder climates, as we see in this impressive modern home built for a client by Minimaliste, a tiny house company from Quebec, Canada. It features a lot of smart small-space design ideas, from the seating area to the bedroom. Minimaliste’s founder Philippe Beaudoin gives a tour of the Sakura tiny house below .


Coming in at 380 square feet, the Sakura’s biggest draws include the convertible sitting/dining area, a large bedroom, a large-ish soaking tub, a three-level water filtration system, and the hydronic radiant heating in the floors.

Check out the main seating area, which can transform into a dining area when the modular sofa pieces are moved around, and the coffee table opened up into a 22″ x 60″ dining table that can seat up to four. And yes, there is storage space hidden in these sofas as well.

The kitchen is arranged on two facing walls, with part of the secondary upstairs loft coming down to form an alcove for the refrigerator and stove.

The stairs leading up to the bedroom can be enlisted for storage.

As the home was built on a gooseneck trailer, the bedroom is well-situated over the front end of the trailer here. Even the bed itself can be lifted up to store things.

The bathroom is pretty spacious for a tiny home: there is a composting toilet and a small tub.

The secondary loft looks like a space for reading, and is also the place where one can go up and access the cedar roof deck, via an openable skylight.

The Sakura comes with a Lunos air exchanger with a heat recovery system. There are quite a lot of features, all of them listed here, and in regards to the in-house water filtration system, the company says:

The water that can be supplied from two different source goes through the pressure regulator, a big sediments filter, fine sediments filter and finally through a water sanitizer. You can practically take water from the river!

It’s a high-end, customized build that cost an eyebrow-raising USD $102,000 — definitely on the pricier side (and considering the square footage you get) .



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