It's Everyone's Dream to Stay in This Comfy Tiny Bus Home .

Word on the street these days is downsizing, maybe you have even thought of downsizing or have downsized into a smaller living arrangement recently. So why is downsizing such a trend lately when the cultural norm in North America is to live largely?

In recent years because of economic collapse and with minimum wages at an all time low and the cost of living being higher than it’s ever been, people are really considering alternative options. Of course, there is always affordable housing in cities and towns that low-income families can live in, but sometimes these homes are in poor neighborhoods and aren’t the most ideal living situations. Plus, most of them have waiting lists a miles long. For people who need affordable housing, downsizing can be a great option. Even people who make enough money to pay for their high mortgages are downsizing to live in smaller homes or condos, so they can travel or partake in more of their favorite pastimes. Other people just realize they don’t need or …

Sakura Tiny House. A Custom Built THOW That Will Impress .

Tiny homes as we know them have come a long way in the last several years, evolving from a more cutesy, handmade aesthetic into a growing diversity of styles, and constructed with a growing array of new building techniques.

These diminutive dwellings are also being made for colder climates, as we see in this impressive modern home built for a client by Minimaliste, a tiny house company from Quebec, Canada. It features a lot of smart small-space design ideas, from the seating area to the bedroom. Minimaliste’s founder Philippe Beaudoin gives a tour of the Sakura tiny house below .


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The MIMA Light Tiny House Looks Like It Is Floating Above the Ground . 

Coming in at 380 square feet, the Sakura’s biggest draws include the convertible sitting/dining area, a large bedroom, a large-ish soaking tub, a three-level water filtration system, and the hydronic radiant heating in the floors.
Check out the main s…