It's Everyone's Dream to Stay in This Comfy Tiny Bus Home .

Word on the street these days is downsizing, maybe you have even thought of downsizing or have downsized into a smaller living arrangement recently. So why is downsizing such a trend lately when the cultural norm in North America is to live largely?


In recent years because of economic collapse and with minimum wages at an all time low and the cost of living being higher than it’s ever been, people are really considering alternative options. Of course, there is always affordable housing in cities and towns that low-income families can live in, but sometimes these homes are in poor neighborhoods and aren’t the most ideal living situations. Plus, most of them have waiting lists a miles long. For people who need affordable housing, downsizing can be a great option. Even people who make enough money to pay for their high mortgages are downsizing to live in smaller homes or condos, so they can travel or partake in more of their favorite pastimes. Other people just realize they don’t need or want to space or stuff they have accumulated over the years and see that they could be content in a smaller living space.

It doesn’t really matter what age you are; small house living can be a great way to downsize and simplify your life. Tiny houses on wheels are a wonderful way to downsize and create a home of your own that shows off your style and personality.

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Tiny houses on wheels also cost quite a bit less than a conventional home built on a foundation. The tiny house is built on a heavy duty trailer so it can be moved around as needed. There are some people who live in tiny houses on wheels that they can pull behind their truck and live life on the road. Don’t like the cold harsh winters of the north? Head south with your tiny house on wheels for some sunshine. Land a job in another area? No problem, just find some land to rent out and live in your tiny oasis. The options are endless when it comes to small house living, especially in a tiny house on wheels.

As you can probably imagine, the first thing anyone needs to do before they can live small is to reduce the clutter in their lives. A great place to start is in the bedroom closet with your clothing. A great rule of thumb is to take inventory of your clothes by the last time you wore them out in public. If you haven't worn something in the last year, then you probably won't wear it anytime soon. Therefore you most likely won't miss it if it gets donated to charity. If there are special pieces in your wardrobe, limit these to about 5 or 6 articles. Another great downsizing tip is to let go of some of your books. If you have already read it, pass it on for someone else to read. Again, if there are collector's items, keep it to a minimum.

 Living in a tiny house on wheels means less kitchen space too, so narrowing down your dishes, pots, and pans to the ones you use most often will save you space and time cleaning dishes. If you think about it, you probably only use one or two pots and pans most of the time. Think about the items you tend to use on a daily basis, weekly and monthly basis, the more regularly you use something, the more likely it will end up staying. Small house living doesn't have to be limiting, it's actually very freeing to own less stuff.


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