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A 236 Sq Ft Tea House with a Beutiful, Minimal Design

Here is a little house design that epitomizes everything that tiny house living is about. This beautifully designed backyard guest house is called the Teahouse, and it has a lovely story behind it. This little house design was designed and built by the famous architect, Pietro Belluschi. In the 1940’s, Pietro Belluschi was hired by a doctor based in Portland and his wife to construct and build a northwestern mid-century modern home.

In the backyard of the property there was an old garden shed that the couple wanted to keep, and so the little house was remodeled into a beautiful guesthouse that was inspired by Japanese and Scandinavian minimalism. THen in 1973, Belluschi, who had always considered the property to be one of his favorites, purchased the house for himself and then lived in the house until his death in 1994. The Teahouse over the years fell into disrepair but was eventually saved by the architect's son, Antony (Tony) Belluschi. The younger Belluschi won an award for the…

Affordable and Compact Dinky Dub Camper Offers a Modular Twist to the Vintage VW Look .

Camping is one of the many activities to do in the summer that people enjoy. This affordable and compact Dinky Dub Camper offers a modular twist to the vintage VW look that everyone knows and loves.

When the weather is warm, most people are thinking about where they want to set up camp and enjoy some time relaxing in nature. Thinking of fun family ideas that everyone will enjoy, to create memories that will last a lifetime. Many people love those old classic Volkswagen busses and campers and the nostalgia is still alive today. There are folks who take the old VWs and refurbish them to bring them up to date and make them look brand new again. For people who love the process of fixing one of these beauties up, getting one of the older camper vans can be great. But for those who just don't have the time or the interest in a project like that, a company called Dub Box has come in to make our lives easier by making a similar version of the classic camper van, but in trailer form.


The HC1 is the New Ultra-lite Camper By Happier Camper .

The HC1 is the new ultra-lite camper By Happier Camper and this post from Tiny House Swoon gives us a sneak peek at this sleek new trailer.

This series of captivating photos and videos demonstrates the unique modular design of the HC1 trailer. These stylish little trailers let you camp with comfort and ease. No more sleepless nights on the hard ground or waking in the middle of a rainy night with a puddle in your tent. With a lightweight camp trailer you can hitch all the comforts of home on the back of your car as you head out into the great outdoors. Move your modules around to transform your moveable home from a padded platform for lounging or sleeping to a functional kitchen to whip up a meal for you and your friends. Everyone in the campground will have their eyes on your stylish home away from home.

Happier Camper is a relatively young company that started up in 2011 in Los Angeles. Owner Derek is passionate about restoring vintage trailers such as the classic Boler. Not only does…

This Amazing Tiny Collapsable Camper Is Truly One-Of-A-Kind

Traveling in a camper can be so much fun. Not only do you get to see great sights, but you literally get to take your living quarters with you everywhere you go.
And because I so enjoy the mobile life, I love finding unique and special campers — like this incredible retro camper, or this trailer that was turned into a micro camper.
But when I saw this one-of-a-kind camper from Denmark I knew I’d stumbled onto something incredible. Built by Wide Path Camper, this is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

At first glance, it was so small that I didn’t even know what it was - but then it unfolded to reveal a stunning surprise, and I was shocked.
This one-of-a-kind camper is so small and lightweight that you don't have to hook it up to a car. You hook it up to a bike .

When transporting the camper, it stays nice and compact. But in only three minutes, it can be unfolded and set up for use.

When it is opened to double its folded size, the mini RV can create the perfect campsite home base. Th…